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This is not a bike review. This is my first hand account of being a beginner biker: from how I ended up loving the chains and sprockets, and the people who had common interests in living a lifestyle of our own. 

I consider myself as a jack of all trades, and yes, probably, really must be a master of none. I explore anything I can, try to grasp a thing or two to experience how it is, and then just like that, I am all good and over with it. It’s either I decide to stay in a hobby or call it quits, and earn experience points along the way, and be satisfied by the feeling that I know the do’s and don’ts in case I stumble upon the same thing in the near future.

But recently, there’s one thing that got me captivated. Something I thought I’d never be able to do. Something I thought was just a simple hobby, which turned out to be more than just that. It’s a lifestyle. It’s what keeps you… rolling. Biking. (more…)


Pardon me if I tried hard to make the title sound as politically correct as possible. Hurting religious feelings in my country might have me end up in jail, you know. This entry by the way, to explain the redundancy, is all about my online posts about Pope Francis and his visit in the Philippines. I collated all of them and put it here.

I must say, I am blessed for having part of the two of the biggest events for the Catholic Church in a span of two weeks. A week before the Pope’s visit, I was lucky to witness the Translacion De Nazareno. I thought of putting balance to my ideas about the Creator, that I decided to watch the movie The Theory of Everything, in the hopes of having Stephen Hawking and his theories bring me back into my agnostic and pragmatic self.

And knowing who I am based on my previous posts (kindly refer to the articles: Atheism According to Red Tani : a Blunder of Biblical Proportions, and My Lenten Reflection , I couldn’t still fathom how The Pontiff made me do all these. (more…)

More pictures here: Traslacion De Nazareno 2015


I also want to share to you these amazing works by none other than Mr. Fung Yu:

A lot of things may be said about this festival. Most of them I do not want to touch and discuss anymore.

One thing is for sure for me. The devotees of the Black Nazarene showed their force of faith. A combination of beauty in chaos, solemnity, resilience, that have spanned decades in practice.

What it did for me? It satisfied my curiosity. I went there not as a devout Catholic (for I am not a devout Catholic). I came there as an observer, and a fascinated one I was. (more…)

Personally, #selfiEscolta is, yes, one significant hashtag. I got the chance to be a part of this ‘huge’ project, work with very brilliant, talented and committed young and old people alike who share the same passion and love for heritage. Here’s a shout out to the following groups who coordinated with the Heritage Conservation Society – Youth in making this event successful: (more…)

The tour was held on April 6, 2014

This blog has been long overdue. I keep telling myself since the very moment that I joined the Heritage Conservation Society Youth, that I would be blogging all the trips and activities that I will be participating in. Two months passed and this will only be my first entry. 🙂 

More pictures available in this FB album:

HCS-Y Heritage Tour: The Santos-Andres House in Antipolo


The family members of Roman Santos, who originally lived in Navotas build their home in 1917. The heirs of Don Roman Santos decided to have the house literally transferred to Antipolo City.  (more…)

I spoke to a local from the area selling beverages and lunch meals at the campsite. He told me about the origin of the name “Batulao”.

Legend has it that long ago, the mountain seemed to always suffer from wildfires during the Lenten Season, and everynight, people would see lights from the mountain tops that do not seem to be man-made. Hence, the place was named after the two words “bato” and “ilaw”, and in the course of decades, the locals start calling it Batulao. (more…)

Share our taxes. Wag ‘nyo naman solohin. Pera namin yan.



Click on this to view photos:

1 Million People March

Tax ng Ina Nyo!

I was there. I joined the ranks of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition, which my mom is a member of during the march early in the morning, from Liwasang Bonifacio to the Centennial Clock in Luneta where all the other groups converged.

I can say, the crowd was composed of people from all walks of life. Only a portion of it came from the Party List members, the labor unions and other ‘militant’ groups who are usual participants of protests. But unlike the so-so, ordinary protest that you see regularly from the news, like 60-70% of the crowd here came from the middle class – friends, families, colleagues from work, yung mga tisoy at tisay, mga makikinis ang sakong, at alam mong kumakayod at sumasahod nang maayos para sa pamilya. There were even foreigners who joined in the march. Even the pets joined in! 🙂 

Given the unpredictable weather condition of the day, the PNP still estimated that the crowd that participated reached around 100 thousand.

If you are one of those who think that the people who joined here are only wasting their time, then you are totally mistaken. It was an event participated by very sensible individuals. You would hear talks from every corner from small groups of people composed of professionals, some are even coming from the elite sector, discussing how disgusted they are about the system of corruption which is the main cause of why a hundred thousands of people answered a simple Facebook event invitation. We are one in saying that we are sick and tired of all the pork barrel bullshit and the corruption that it brings to the country!

For those who were not able to attend but wanted to, you do not need to worry. I believe that there will be more of this. The succeeding reactions may not be done in the streets anymore, but I am pretty sure this will lead into the change that we have always wanted to happen. 

I believe in the reforms and I have faith in the people that demand the abolition of the Pork Barrel System. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, would I, among the hundred thousand others?