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Have you ever wondered why people are falling for romantic love songs, but probably never appreciate the person who wrote it as much as their works? or never realize how heartbroken they were when they wrote it?

They always think of them as sore losers. And however great it sounds, it kinda makes anyone feel bad when the only thing that’s awesome about you is the sorry song that you made famous because it came from your broken heart.


“See what happen when you don’t think? You DO!”

– Barney Stinson to Ted Mosby, HIMYM, Season 1 Ep 11


“Kids, you can’t cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on, it’s already gone.” 

– Ted Mosby


Check, @14:40-15:25 part.  That’s pretty much how it is. Sucks to be a Ted Mosby to a Robin Scherbatsky. And… it’s the same episode where the Kids’ Mother first appeared.