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This is just another of those attempts. A little backgrounder

I have been trying to establish the blog where I could put all my thoughts about the world, life, and even okay… love.

But try as I may during the past years, I couldn’t barely get a hold of one blog site and update it as much as I could for everyone’s reading pleasure. There was this blog I established once. I have already posted a lot of stuff in there, and gained quite a few followers, only for me to know that the website is going to cease its operation. Yes, it’s the mother of all the social networking sites in Asia – Friendster.

‘Jej’ as many from the Facebook generation would call it now, ‘jologs’ for the not so young generations of bloggers and netizens, but I managed to separate my blog’s soul and spirit from what everyone would expect to see in Friendster – people begging for testimonials (yes, that’s how we call it – when others post something in your own wall, for the younger generation who failed to get the grasp of Friendster, you are all blessed to have not experienced it! haha!), up to the perpetual  changing of html codes for your profile themes and background images. It’s when ordinary people, including me, suddenly learned the basic of that computer language, whatever you call it, as it became a necessity to maintain your social ‘status’ up.

As I was saying, I managed to create a different image for my blog. That was, however, years ago. And now that Zuckerberg’s Facebook has taken over the kingship of social networking sites, it would suck if you try to put all your thoughts in one wall – you don’t want to flood your friends and connections with notifications and give them a hard time scrolling down their timeline (or a lot of them might still have the old format), or worse, they might end up blocking you with your constant posts about how the world revolves around you.

I failed to notice that I was already becoming a pet peeve to others until one of my closest friends got the courage to tell me about it. She said she thought I’ve hacked her computer because my posts were all she saw when she logged in her account, and she couldn’t even see a single post from other users – at all.

Just a little on the sidenote, that’s when my closest friends started calling me “Gabay”. Gabay (Gab for short) was a nick that I already accepted and adopted ever since it was first coined in one of our beer sessions. They said that I should stop or at least control my insatiable desire to post whatever I feel about whatever, as if I were a talk show host, giving advice to his audience – or like the radio’s Papa Jack, only the annoying version. To add, I was a bum during those moments, I had no formal job for months, and the only thing that kept me preoccupied was the Association which I am head of. So, that gave me a lot of time in my hands, and how else do you guys think I was able spend it? In front of my desktop computer, of course. Aside from DoTA and other PC games, Facebook has been an integral part of my netizen life, and you will get the chance to know why once I post how Facebook has changed me.

Well, I find it cool to be called with that name, actually. What better way to transform something out of negativity into something that most of the people in my circle would positively remember me of?

Going back to me becoming a pet peeve because of the posts.  Imagine, I was actually able to come up with an entry out of nothing. And I just let my fingertips get tickled with every push of the keys on my keyboard. Lo and behold, even readers from the site Definitely Filipino liked how it was written. Mind you, it was written by a bum.

But the writer in me could never contain that desire to write, and write… and write. And so, hopefully, with this blog, I could now set a venue to express whatever I have in mind. Also, it’s a good that thing I still have copies of the files of my previous posts that have been deleted together with my Friendster account – the Friendster administrators were kind enough to give their users enough time to archive their information, photos, blogs, and even testimonials, and I am one of those lucky enough to have saved those.

Just a little heads up

I will be posting several old entries here, of all sorts. Bear with me with the cheesiness or the vulgarity and straightforwardness of some of them, but I will try my best to filter them from now on. From my ‘brave’ and sometimes rant-like commentaries about social issues and national events, what I feel about the government and those who run it, and some critical matters about our country, to the unfortunately cheesy, sentimental, and serious matters of the heart. I might also post anything under the sun, as I have written dozens of write-ups about some stuff. You will also be seeing a lot of stuff from Definitely Filipino Blog and Kuro-Kuro sites, as I have submitted several entries to those sites in the past.

The bottom line is, whatever you are going to see in this blog, is a reflection of me during the time that the entry was written. So, it means, that that was my state of mind at that time. It may not necessarily represent the entirety of me, though. I write whenever I am inspired by anything,  or whenever my brain needs some scratching when the itch of politics and social issues starts to set in. And yes, I might possibly post a lot of stuff about aching hearts, melancholy, and close to getting man tears kind of entries. Again, it all depends on what my mood was, is, and will be in every thing that I will be posting.

For those few souls who might find this blog interesting, my life is an open book. For some who can’t wait, go ahead and check my Facebook, read my profile, spend a few minutes reading the articles in my Notes section, as I have temporarily set that up as my blog. I am having a hard time with the current Facebook Notes section format though. It would be hard for the readers to dig into the several notes I have already posted, that they might lose their interest in reading any of it. But don’t you people worry. Once I get the hang of using WordPress, I’ll make sure I’ll make it worth your while every time you visit my blog.

See you again soon!

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” – Truman Burbank


I would like to extend my gratitude to that lady who inspired me to set this WordPress blog up. Who would’ve thought that from a ‘used to be non-existent entity’, I will find the inspiration to do again what I am most passionate about- writing. Thanks to you, I learned to keep all the things I wanted to say hidden as an understatement… in all honesty, you are always going to be more than what I’ve told you about who you are. 

“I never had anything happened so fast

it took one look and I shattered like glass

…And I never wanted anything more than to know you”

— Written from my workdesk, using the resources of my workplace – from the electricity to the internet connection, and an average speed computer. Few reasons why I love my job.


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