The PUA, The Game, Neil Strauss, and the pseudo-personality development academy – an Introduction

Posted: November 7, 2018 in Exceptional, Excerpts

*UPDATE* – We recently published a podcast about PUA. I recommend you check it out here to better understand what PUA is


And then this Facebook Group Page basically just broke that very first rule of any secret society.

I plan to make a series of blog entries about this post. I want to make this my personal mission, to be honest.

I managed to visit this page before, and as one who has read Neil Strauss‘ The Game, I have to say that whoever established this PUA (Pick-up Artists) group here in the PH has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Neil Strauss and his Best Selling novel. His masterpiece. Whod’ve thought that a guy like this, skinny, short, BALD, had brushed elbows, cried on, and made out with big hollywood celebrity names?

Firstly, Neil academically discussed the ‘rules’ in a very classy, professional manner like an excellent book writer that he is would. And he even gave the disclaimer that whatever you are going to learn from PUA is not to be used to look for the “it is” type of a woman – that one in your dreams, no. The book also expressively implies that this is for men who have not developed their self confidence. If you are familiar with the movie Hitch, its’ more like that, only that Hitch’s method are geared towards finding “The One.”

It’s more about becoming the Alpha male of the group.

Think of it this way : Imagine Ryan Gosling’s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love., teaching an old guy with a very low self esteem and has hit the rock bottom of his life, Steve Carell to get back up the saddle and move on with his life with unlimited supply of self confidence. (spoiler alert) You see, Ryan wasn’t at all that bad in the movie. Although He was hated by Steve, because he made Emma (Steve’s daughter) fall in love with a PUA like him. But This Ryan guy had his genuine, sincere intentions towards Emma, so Steve allowed them to happily become a couple at the end of the movie.

Second, the rules do not apply to the conservative female population in the PH. This is quite opposite to the more liberal, more open-minded and “willing to go on a one night stand” kind of girls in the US (as mentioned in the book). An attempt for you to carelessly do a PUA trick here can be suicidal for your social (/network) life.

Just an FYI, there is an underground community of males, (even with a few interested women) who are into the PUA shindig all over the globe. And a lot of them are mostly boys who have not really found their self confidence. Let’s not vilify all of them, because majority of them are just there to gain that confidence, and I am sure, being the nice guys that they are, won’t abuse the knowledge they have learned from the PUA. This even saved Neil and Style’s lives when they encountered off-duty soldiers in a bar somewhere in Europe – just by standing their ground (to exude confidence, you dig?).

Unless you’re really that presko/indecent guy, just looking for a hookup, then you don’t really need this.

There is an army of mentors, followers, blog subscribers and public contributors to add to the “tricks” and give their testimonies when they test one or two that are written in the book. And even before Strauss’ book was written, pioneers like “Style” have already flourished in that underground world. Much like the book from American Pie movie, hidden under the school lockers, or a library shelf.

Lastly, the impression of the general public towards PUA and those who know about this (I do, but I dare not practice), got so stained by amateur wanna-be’s like the men behind this FB page, at least here in the PH – but it has not really looked that bad internationally. For me, personally, I just enjoy watching all these men try to do it whenever they are given the chance, and test the plausibility of the theories written in the book. There is more to it than being “bastos” or “swabe” or “presko”. It’s more about building your public image, make you behave with class and even, actually, being a gentleman in the women’s eyes.


Here’s a profile photo of the infamous PUA Academy in the Philippines. I suggest the men behind this post better clean their own mess before the it rains shit on them.

So, go cast your judgment on whomsoever created this FB post. But everything else about the PUA exposed to the public is just the tip of the iceberg – because it’s not supposed to be exposed.


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