ON PEOPLE POWER : EDSA 1, 2 ,3 … whatever you wanna call it.

Posted: September 12, 2018 in Exceptional, Excerpts

ON PEOPLE POWER : EDSA 1, 2 ,3 … whatever you wanna call it. This post can’t wait until Sept. 21st


While we’re at it, feel free to read about my last year’s post for September 21st’s National Day of Protest.

Anyone can have all the justiifications about their take on EDSA 1. You might know some people who became victims of the abuses, and some people who say they found the ML more beneficilal. Well, let’s leave the differences at that. It’s hard to reconcile to opposite versions of the fact.

The people voting for Duterte is a symptom of a social disease. Duterte happens to be that drum beater, and people are rallying behind not just the man, but for the ideals. Yes, you cannot disassociate the personality politics here but those who disagree with the people who chose him need to understand that they are sick and tired of the TRAPO culture. And regardless of how Duterte looks and sounds right now to his critics, people are still going to stick to the idea we are now stepping away from the old system. And when you call me an apologist, I couldn’t care less dahil mga gago din naman talaga yung sinundan nitong administrasyon na ‘to. You will always see and hear people defending the old man because they know the people who oppose this administration have their ulterior motives too.

The old man appearing in front of the stage and being warmly welcomed by his supporters

Politicians would always claim “Mas masahol pa noong Martial Law”. But let’s fucking face it – the only reason why they don’t want to get disciplined is because once it happens, the traditional politicians’ happy days are numbered. It’s not easy to castigate every one who did wrong since the ill system has crawled so deep and far reaching that every bad politician is associated with the good ones, and the good ones always will be stainted but their past mistakes or association with the bad apples.

They pull the same People Power card when things don’t go according to their ideals. Let’s face the fact – politicians are never going to be loyal to the people they are mandated to serve. They are only loyal to their own interests.

And it has been the staple political move ever since. We never had any president after Marcos that has never faced impeachment complaints, or threats of people rallying in the streets. They always use the Marcos card when they get to be the one to blame. It’s the people who put that first revolution in vain that I am mad about. But what pisses me more is that the players right now seem to use it as their escape goat from accountability. And don’t get me wrong, as the people from the current administration who does the same shitty mistake will use the same alibi “Eh noong panahon ni PNOY mas panget.. ” and the cycle goes on.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jec Carrillo

The very same room and the very same table and chair where former President Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1081


No photo description available.

Some memorabilia displayed at the The Presidential Museum and Library, Malacañang Palace


Had these same players become the states people that they should be, then people wouldn’t be so mad about the double standards and the hypocrisy. Thirty years after and we are back to the same place. And the people who then promised to bring and maintain democracy are the very same people who abuse it to their advantage. They are never different from the same problems they complain about.

Us Pinoys on the other hand don’t seem to be able to easily cope with the drastic changes. We have gotten used to having no discipline for too long, the democracy that EDSA 1 brought just made Pinoys more lenient, and more tolerant to corruption. And once a strong man’s administration starts to implement again that discipline in the formula, the tendency of the people is to complain. Kaya saludo ako sa MMDA ngayon.

It makes you think that the Metropolitan Manila is what makes Philippines bad. Try going outside and visit the provinces and you’ll realize how hard it is living in Manila compared to the easy breezy life in the province. I wish all the other businesses and infrastructures propagate to the provinces as soon as possible so people won’t be forced to work here in the metro.

Image may contain: 2 people, crowd, outdoor and indoor

Mingling wth the Duterte-Cayetano Miting De Avance crowd



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