I think I Just Trolled a Rockstar. :)

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Random

Haha. That is, if the owner of the Facebook profile who bashed me was indeed Sir Nathan Azarcon himself. Pardon me if I needed to dissect this chronologically. But it’s not everyday that you get the attention of someone popular in a very peculiar and unexpected way. LOL! 

It happened a few hours ago, before sunrise. I work on a graveyard shift that’s why it is normal for me to stay up in the wee hours of the morning.

I had my ‘lunch’ at around 1am, and I had the chance to check FB from my phone, when I saw a notification that Nathan tagged me in one of his posts : 


He tagged my profile on the comment section of THIS post: 


He did so tag mine, along with a couple more profile of some random Facebook guys. I told myself I already know where this is going. I thought that I should be somehow flattered because of the fact that Nathan Azaron, a celebrated bassist for Rivermaya, Bamboo, and now with a band he formed himself, Hijo – would tag a random fan like me in a post. Much like how people become excited when some famous star followed them on Twitter. You get the idea. I just didn’t know what it was for. I thought I appreciated the fact that Nathan is reactive to his followers’ posts. 

BUT THEN, HE POSTED THIS, much to my surprise: 


This was after I commented a quote (photo above), trying to become an advocate of free speech. For some reason, Nathan either misunderstood what that was for, or he simply just didn’t like my post. But I’ d love to think that it was the former rather than the latter. 🙂 He then quoted my “Man up boy!” comment on his thread, then tagged my name and added “Atras bayag mo ngayon”.

Now, let’s move back to the posts on my wall over the weekend.

On February 25, I saw from Dong Abay’s  FB wall, this: 


So, I got curious and researched what that was all about. I searched for Nathan’s profile and found this picture with some comment (I can’t recall exactly how he phrased it), hitting Dong Abay and saying that he (Dong) claims to own the songs of his band, Yano, but he did not write them himself :

huli ka

So, Dong Abay posted the warning after Nathan posted this. And then I screencapped Dong’s post and the picture on Nathan’s wall, but I wasn’t able to capture the comments – and then reposted it on my own Wall. It was also the week after, I guess, that the Supreme Court favored the decision that Cyber Libel is officially a crime, so I gave my post the angle to show how the CyberLibel would implicate a lot of stuff in the social media and the internet.

I told myself, “Why would Nathan mind what’s going on in Dong’s band and bash him right then and there?”. And then I thought of posting a comment on Nathan’s post, where the picture above was included, this harmless comment “Man up, boy.”. And that’s how I ended up being tagged by Nathan. 🙂 

I realized I somehow hit a nerve with that “Man up, boy” comment, that made him post the “atras ang bayag” and attack me. Man, that was totally uncalled for. And since I never bash anyone until I get attacked personally, I decided to post this, and his reply totally made my day!  




I was peacefully observing the events that would transpire between Dong and Nathan’s word war. I used to follow Nathan’s profile months back, thinking that I could score some details on their band’s upcoming event and what not. But I then noticed in his posts, that all the ever does is to bash anyone whenever he feels like it – whether it be PNoy, or Napoles, or anyone in the limelight. Not that I don’t agree with what he says, but most of them are just plain, baseless opinions and obviously weren’t thought through before posting. I was a fan, and I guess I still am, of Rivermaya,  and Bamboo, and that carrier single got me interested in Hijo, and his bass playing. 

After the early morning posts, Nathan deleted the “Tinanggal ko..” thread, and blocked me. For all I care. I have his blunder preserved here, anyway. He also deleted a lot of posts pertaining to Dong, and replaced it with virtues with some “awesomely inspiring photos” instead.

Don’t get me wrong, but I respect Nathan Azarcon as a musician, and I have adopted his style in playing the bass most of the time. I jam with their songs with my guitars. I can’t help but think that this might be one of the reasons why Rivermaya disintegrated – there is so much ego for a four piece band. And it appears that a personality such as Nathan’s is one who would not allow and admit defeat, even if he was wrong, let alone apologize for his wrongdoings and shortcomings. 

Guys, feel free to visit their walls, Dong and Nathan’s, and decide who’s right and who’s not, or just be a silent audience, grab some popcorn and read along if all you ever want is to get entertained as a Netizen. 🙂

For me, I’m savoring this victory as a keyboard warrior. A bruise on another arrogant person’s ego is another feather on my hat. And unlike him, I don’t chicken out, but I admit my mistakes if I ever made one online.  LOL! 🙂 

PS: Saka olats na si Nathan AZARcon sa pang-aalaska ni Dong Abay sa wall, okay na yun. 🙂

  1. Shubidoo says:

    This is one gay blog. Nagsusumbong ka thru a blog??? Kaya ka nasabihan ng “Man Up e.”

    Nothing personal sa mga bloggers pero instead na palayain nyo ang kamalayan ng sambayanan eto ka at pinapatulan mo ang mga petty arguements online particularly sa facebook?

    Expose and oppose the system not this “Showbiz stuff”

  2. Jec says:

    Uh, I don’t know who you are, but I give you a space on my comment section. Free speech.

    Parang hindi mo naman nabasa yung mismong blog. I did this because Nathan intentionally attacked me.

    Saka isa pa, He quoted my comment. Ako yung unang nag-comment sa kanya to ‘man up’. What’s so wrong with saying that? Read the blog again, will ya,

    And he responds with what? Butthurt comments? In my dictionary that is gay. And arrogant to say the least. Hindi naman nya rin in-address yung issue about Dong. Where’s his proof to back up his accusations?

    I don’t care about Dong, I don’t even care about Nathan being a douche that he is. All I care about is that I needed to do something about mentioning my name and telling me stuff. I manned up. He should have done the same when he hit Dong. Dong manned up on him.

    I just gave Nathan a dose of his own medicine.

  3. Jec says:

    And yeah, just to add. I did expose and try to oppose a part of the system. I am against the CyberLibel Law. I used their word war to prove my point.

    If anyone can prove to me that Dong stole Yano’s songs, then I would freely agree with you and join you in shouting that he is a thief. If that is the system that you were referring to that I need to support, then I totally agree with you.

    Dude, Agreeing on one’s opinion is one thing; making an accusation without proof to back it up is another.

    But that is really beside the point, you see. Nathan dragged my name for no reason, and I just dragged his name down with me. That’s all. 🙂

  4. Jec says:

    in what way, @pissedofffriend?

  5. I had an (almost) similar brush with Dong. He got offended. And I was surprised when he commented all of a sudden because we’re not even ‘friends’ on FB.

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