Don’t date a girl who travels (the men’s version)

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Date a Girl Who...

I would have made one myself, but Marco Huggins did it perfectly, and no one else could have done it any better. Every word in his entry, I nodded on in agreement. The entire time I was reading it, I was shouting “this is so true!” in my mind. Was it coincidence, or is it just that guys from different parts of the world have experienced this or at least close to what he wrote? And I am going to be right to say that this deserves a space in my “Date a Girl Who…” Category. 🙂

** This is in response to the recently becoming viral “Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels”. Apparently, there have been a lot of revised entries of the kind, found in this link.

Here’s an excerpt to the entry. The entire article is found on this link: Don’t date a girl who travels (the men’s version) 

… “Don’t date a girl who travels. She spends her days and nights complaining about how much she hates her job and her life. She’ll ponder relocating to a new, exotic location- like San Diego, but make no real attempts to improve herself or even relocate. This lack of commitment will mean she’ll never have a steady job. Which means she won’t have any money. Which means, well, you know the rest.

Don’t date a girl who travels. Her voyages far and wide have resulted in manys a night slept in the company of a stranger. In conversations frequent she will bring up these past lovers. When she begins these anecdotal conversations, do yourself a favor and cut her off. Then ask her if she wouldn’t mind standing up, taking two steps back, and then walking forward and kicking upwards into your balls with as much force as possible.”


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