The Number Three

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Rhymes

First published on on Sunday, 18 October 2009. CHEESY! But I was full of sentiments when I wrote this, three years back. LOL


Three blocks, that’s how far you are, but near to my heart.
We wished we’d end up forever, but did we ever make a start?
And on the Third of November I still can remember
The moment when I first held you while you wept on my shoulder.

It’s been more than three years, yet it seemed just yesterday
When you whispered those three words in the air.
I asked you to repeat them to me, but you hesitated,
Oh, that three longest weeks, the best… the sweetest.

I sought for you just three months ago.
Was just thinking of having someone to talk the tears away
Little did I know, my heart stayed with you, and alone I have gone astray.
From that moment I knew… my heart was home… my heart was home.

Can you give me my heart back if you wish not to stay?

The longest three blocks.
The sweetest three weeks.
The Third of November.

And this is my third year….of longing.. wishing.. hoping.
Will we ever make it to the third chapter of our love?

Love is sweeter the second time around, as they say.
I long not for that.. Give them all they want best.
For me, just a third time for love, and I’d want nothing else.


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