One Random Morning

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Rhymes

First published on  Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Walking on his usual path home
With a pair if earphones embracing his ears
Listening to the loud music that only he hears
He passes by the church, his feet walk him in it.

Stepped on the marble tiles, stared on the altar from afar
“Why am I here?” he asked, as if deciding for a war
He sat on a pew, beside a random sleeping grandmother
Muted his music, bent his knees, went down on the kneeler.

He realized he has not prayed for the longest time.
He clenched his hands together, held them in front of his face,
Started to mutter a prayer, of thanks, forgiveness and grace.
His eyes closed, he felt a tear fell… and another.. and another…

It’s been two weeks after his birthday.. This man has granted his Creator’s wish. Unknowingly.


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