Date a Girl Who Climbs Mountains

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Date a Girl Who...

I read this article from a friend’s wall.  I have since dedicated a category in my blog for entries like this, and just because I’ve got some special friends who are just like what is described below. 🙂

Credits to Gail for everything you’re about to read. I don’t know her personally, but I’d like to send my thanks to her. Because of her, I get to have a good addition to my collection.

Click the title to read the full article. I have included here some interesting lines, though. 

Date a Girl Who Climbs Mountains

Date a girl who climbs mountains. Date a girl who conquers steep slopes with a towering 60Liter backpack and muddy shoes. She will look at every challenging mountain with a smile on her face because she embraces adventure and she finds utmost exhilaration upon reaching every summit.

…Once she reaches the summit, she will spread her arms, close her eyes and lift her head up, breathing fresh air with a smile on her face. You will look at her and you will see bliss. She will sit there and wait for the sunset, gazing into the vast horizon. She will tell you stories about her first climb, when she encountered a spider in her tent and she will ask you questions about how you pack your backpack. Your conversation will suddenly stop when she sees the sunset. She will nail her eyes to the fiery sun as the sky ablaze with stunning shades of purple, pink, orange and red. Twilight bores you but you’ll notice that she still has this sweet smile on her face and you’ll wonder why…

… Sit with her on the grass and offer her a warm jacket while watching the moon and the stars. Make coffee on her Nalgene bottle. She will continue to share stories and will crack jokes about how funny you looked like when you slipped on a swampy trail. You envy her that after 8-10 grueling hours of trekking she still has this energy to make you laugh. When you ask why she’s still smiling after sunset, she will answer “Because I can’t wait to see the sunrise”

Love a girl who climbs mountains and she will share her positive outlook in life with you. Ask her why she climbs mountains and she will answer “Because it’s there”. Ask her why she married you and she’ll get your hand, put it on her heart and will say “Because you’re here”


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