My Lenten Reflection

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Confessions

Published Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 04:36

It was Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres, who now is the President of the Rizal Technological University who taught me to remove my biases on religion when studying about politics, governance, and their modern and ancient theories. He used to be our professor back then, one of the coolest ones. Several years ago, the longest time that I held the Bible open, and read it, was when I needed a reference for my regular homework for Doc’s subjects.

I admit, I was more of a “see-to-believe” type of person, after having studied You. I will never forget the idea that Doc embedded in me. One morning, he suddenly asked our class this:  “What will you do, when a person named Jesus knocks on your door, and tells you that He is back? iisipin mo bang baliw sya? o aakapin mo sya nang may buong paniniwala?”

And today is your day, only twice in a year do people nowadays get obliged to remember you. And most of us, do not get ourselves genuinely involved in the activities to cleanse our souls, to repent from our sins, and to reflect.

I wish I could have the chance to prove my faith. I wish I could have the chance to challenge myself that there is no other love better than Yours.

I do not practice diligently, what the Catholic church dictates, for I believe that we have the freedom to express our love for You, and nobody can dictate it. I am not as devout as the others. I do not disdain them. In fact, I admire their passion. I envy those, who experience bliss, no matter how hard their lives are, no matter how bitter their current situations are, once they hold their heads up high and offer you a prayer.

I just do not practice everything that my Church dictates me.

But I pray. I believe in You. You have been my Magic Hand all my life. You never let me fail, no matter how many times I stumble and try. You never brought me down rock bottom. You always bring me to that situation, that will make me think, that I could no longer go on, or that failure is where I am headed. And when the time comes that I am about to quit, You remind me that you do not give trials that no one could surpass; that there is always a good reason why we experience trials in life; and that it is Your will that I am hardened in life. And that’s when I find myself getting up again, thankful that I have another chance. Again, I see that the sands in the shore only leave a pair of footprints behind me. And I am saved again.

You gently glide me to the ground, when I soar too high, and most of the time above my head, and then remind me again and again, that I always should keep my feet to the ground.

And now, it is again Your day. Let me be reminded again that there is always hope, no matter how uncertain the future is; That in every loss, better things I gain. That in every sadness, there will be times to smile; that in every darkness, there will be light; a rainbow after every storm. Remind me that there is a purpose why we are living our lives as they are, and we do not need to see a miracle to experience it – we have to make it ourselves. Remind US, that we all should be thankful, that in all times, Your body on that cross, reminds us of our faith, and that in all times, there will always be a Magic Hand to save us.

Thank you for all of this, my Friend. You that I always talk to in my mind, no matter whether I am inside Your church, or just walking on sunshine, or working, or having fun.

Thank you for everything I have.

Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.
I actually haven’t gotten into much trouble in my life. But His hands are really what helped me during the times when I needed help the most. 🙂

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