Posted: February 28, 2013 in Confessions, Rhymes

One of the darkest compositions by far, among those about love. ***


There are no more songs to sing.

He can no longer connect the rhymes.

He can’t even make up his mind on this next line

The world has gone bland, the rules he can no longer bend.


The love has gone, indeed.

The time has come that he dreaded.

There’s no sense in making him bleed.

He already knew death’s where he is headed.


This noose, he will tie in such a way

That one can loosen, if one chooses to stay

And see beyond his misery while he shouts

“Is there any more love in store for me?”


For his manacle of grief, he has left a key

For the one who chooses beyond what eyes could see.

Whom with one’s heart listens and feels

And does not selfishly gain one’s skin with lust and greed


He will wait.

His noose would constrict around his neck

His smileless face would turn paler.

But he would keep his eyes open wide.


Because if there’s no one else around, He will act with haste

He has a knife that he could reach from his waist

And cut loose the noose of dread and grief

Only then to realize that if he died there, no one would weep.


And with that knowing, he will be happy.

For he has not proven himself wrong.

I hope you’ve figured out the ending.

Now, start singing about this a sad song .


…only for the stupid.


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