A Slave For Eros

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Rhymes

New memories brought me to that same old feeling. And I have always wondered. I have never wanted anything so badly ever since. I think I now know why.

“looking back on old love… or lack thereof.”

Do not wonder if your world enjoys the summer,

Because I took the clouds away from your sky

And let all the rain just pour on me

For your happiness, your sunshine.

I gave you peace, and my inner peace I only have left

At times when you were most sad.

I tried to make warm those lonely cold nights

Did my best to keep the pain away from your sight.

Never thought it would be this hard

To endure the pain, not meant for me, for the sake of love.

But if this is what it takes to see just a single smile from your face…

… I’d rather forever, stay for you this way.


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