Van Gogh is Bipolar – more than just a place to dine.

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Random, Trips, Visits, and Explorations

New photos from our second visit on this link :

Our first visit:

This is not  a food review post, nor one for a diner place. This is me sharing a great dining experience.

A friend of mine  told me about this place. I searched about it in the internet. Found some cool reviews about it. And the next thing we knew, me and my friend called in for a reservation! 🙂

Here is the Facebook link of the place: Van Gogh is Bipolar. The place is already cited by different news networks and numerous blogs for its one of a kind concept.

It is located at 154 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC – and the whole stretch is well known for a lot of classy and sometimes unique food and dining places.

A nice concept for a resto of Chef Jetro – and yes, he is like Van Gogh. You pay for the experience, and not simply for the great food.

Bottomless happiness. While waiting for your meal course, you may roam around the place, feel at home, and discover some stuff inside the place – all cool and well, for me, weird at the same time.

The place looks just like an ordinary house from the outside, concealed by some ornamental plants and statuettes and that little fountain in front. Chef Jetro asked us to remove our shoes upon opening the door, and told us to feel at home, and take some time to read on the House Rules. The image of the place from the outside was quite a big disguise for what you’re about to see when you get inside the place.

Do It Yourself Tea. Like all of the foods that he serves, the tea ingredients that are available are designed to alter your moods, depending on how you want it to be. Calm and soothing, happy and elated, or what have you. Mix the herbs with ginger and honey, and viola! You’ve got yourself a feel good potion.

Even the cabeza chair for the long table has artwork. Everywhere you look in the place is art. We didn’t get bored at all while waiting for almost an hour for our four-course meal because our eyes were still feasting on the sight.

I tried to strike a pose. Well, at least I did. The paintings on the wall– all are Chef Jetro’s work.

The place is also filled with feel good music, with a touch of some European flavor. I heard some songs in Spanish and French, and Italian, I guess. I am not alien to those songs, as I have heard some of them before. The music helps in setting up the happy mood, indeed.

Guests may leave their notes and pin them on the wall

Chef Jetro told us guests to write our meal set, ring the bell on the counter, and leave the notes there.
The payment is also done on honesty basis. You ask Chef how much you owe him, you get your payment, put it inside the red safety box, and get your change. After which, you also write down your own receipt.

The only dishonesty that I have committed is that I didn’t tell Chef Jetro how amazing the experience was.
We certainly will be back.

 Bipolar disorder or bipolar affective disorder (historically known as manic–depressive disorder or manic depression) is a psychiatric diagnosis for a mood disorder in which people experience disruptive mood swings… Bipolar disorder is defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels, cognition, and mood with or without one or more depressive episodes. – Wiki

I didn’t ask or confirm it if the owner of the place has it. Well, alright, after doing some research, I have found out that Chef Jet is diagnosed as bipolar. Well, who cares?  But surely, if you’ve got such a disorder, a place like this is really therapeutic.

There is a dark room as well. Chef Jetro allows his guests to write their ‘darkest secrets’ on the black lit walls, which i did. The skeleton in this closet is very much appropriate.

A long table for guests. A group of around 8 can dine at the same time. But Chef Jetro usually only accommodates up to 12 guests a night. You can really feel the personalized serving while you’re in there – no waiters. It’s all self service. But Chef Jetro makes it a point that he talks to his guests from time to time, playing the host of the place. He certainly is the Master of the House.

The house rules. Number Two says, “Stupid and idiots are welcome.”


We had for our main course, the Chill dish, and the Happy dish. The Chill is dish with fish meat, whereas the Happy one is with red meat. The Chef also asks your preference, whether you are on a special diet, or if you like your food spicy
And yes, the foods are also named after famous Hollywood personalities.
He called our drinks “Courtney Love’s Potion”. I also heard him say names of Catherine Zeta Jones for the caviar and George Clooney for our dessert.

All the ingredients are designed to set a happy mood. Chef Jetro takes a quick moment to explain to you the effects that the food may give you. The meal was fantastic.
I am not a food expert, but we got food drunk out there, for sure.

There were four tables for two that were occupied inside the house. One of which, by a good looking couple – a Filipina and a European, both in their early twenties. You could see their love overflowing, that they did not mind us and the other couples on the other table, as they danced with their hands intertwined. You see, this is one good place to have a date, but you have to be sure that both of you know how to appreciate the things that you will see and experience inside.

The teapots for your DIY tea. And yeah, the beverage is free. 🙂

Now this one for me is a hit!
The Absinthe. Chef Jet explains what the liquor is for. I’ve got an idea of what it should give you from the movie Eurotrip. It is rumored to bring you hallucinations, and that the mythical green muse may show herself to you if you’ve had too much of this.
Chef Jetro mixed the liquid in the vial with that spicy chocolate – my first time to have ever had one – and called it “George Clooney’s Darkest Sin”
The chocolate itself is great. But the combo of the absinthe and that dark choco brought a uniquely amazing flavor in my mouth for a while. Quite a way to end our four-course meal.

Guests were also allowed to wear headgears. In a desperate yet futile attempt to look like my hero, Rizal, I chose to put on this hat. My partner that night though, wore a tiara. A perfect fit for a lazy princess who is also celebrating her birthday late this January.

154 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC. VGB is on the right.
On the left is the Black Soup, also one of the infamous restos in the area.

I sent Chef my link to my blog privately…

Simply put, my words are not enough to show how awesome this weekend experience was. You guys have got to see it for yourself. The happy mood stayed with me the next morning that I got a commendation call from one of the customers that I’ve handled at work.  Again for me, a lot of firsts.

And to put icing on the cake, watching the movie adaptation of Les Miserables a day after a nice dining experience like this – both brought us to the extreme sides of our emotions: Happiness and elation during the VGB dine, and misery and awe for LesMis. Pretty much bipolar, eh?


...and then found out that he has posted it! 🙂

PS – You might want to visit my brother’s review on the movie. He was such an influence to me, in terms of me being able to appreciate that art. Here’s the link for his movie review: Les Miserables: movie review

Never have I enjoyed a movie like the way I did Les Mis. I have been listening to the songs in the play since I was in high school, but it was only now that I have appreciated their worth after seeing and hearing them in the movie.

Thanks to my bro for introducing Les Mis to us. I would not have enjoyed and understood it that much if I weren’t exposed to it in the past.


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