Nothing But Rhymes

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Rhymes

Made this rhyme more than two years ago.. I don’t want the second and fourth stanzas just be put to waste. I’ll try to work on this one more. Still, rhymes without music can’t be called a song. Anyone who wants to give it a try, be my guest.


She’s a mad girl, and she’s about to kill me

With her warm stare, I couldn’t help but stare back

She’s crazy about love, just like I am for her

We’re in the middle of the rain and it didn’t matter


You can have my shoulders to lean on

Make me wipe your tears and I won’t ask why

You can have my home for your shelter

But please, don’t break down and cry


And here I am, still searching for love

And i’m about to tell her, she’s all that I have now

‘Swear I’d do anything just to see a smile on her face

Yeah there’s nothing in this world that could ever replace


You can have my sunshine on your rainy days

You can have my body for a warm embrace

You can have my arms to hold you tight

So please don’t break down and cry,


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