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Finally, after looking all over the internet for this article for so long! 😀

This was posted on a blog, with the author also mentioning that the source for the article is really from an anonymous writer. So whoever you are, thanks for making my collection of the Date a Girl Who… complete with this one. Cheers!

And the Blog goes… :


After reading the “Date A Girl Who Reads” article, I knew someone out there would have written a response with “Date A Girl Who Writes”. Thus, here it is. I wish I knew who to credit for this, but I couldn’t find a name.


Date a girl who writes because she will be able to recall in detail the dialog between you two, and while it gets you in trouble, it’s endearing and sweet at the same time that she remembers. This also forces you to choose your words carefully and you will become an expert in diction.

Date a girl who writes because she understands the complexities of characters, and knows you are more than your successes, failures, winnings, or losses. She loves all the layers of you, all the deep parts and even the shallow. When you are acting like the villain, she will see the goodness in you. When you are the hero, she’ll still secretly admire your flaws. All the depths of you become her big adventure.

Date a girl who writes because she will give you the most beautiful settings you’ve ever seen. She writes about the paradises she imagines, the paradises she has been to, and shares them with you.

Date a girl who writes because sometimes a little silence is welcome.

Date a girl who writes because the post-it on your refrigerator reminding you to buy milk will be original and full of adorable metaphors. And because she is so creative, she’ll put the post-it in your shoe rather than on your fridge.

In the fairy tale that is your life together, she will always make you prince charming, and happily ever after is a guarantee.

Date a girl who writes because when the poetry dies, she will make sure her prose keeps you alive.

Date a girl who writes because she understands the value of word choice, and will mean everything she says to you.

Date a girl who writes because she will ask you interesting things like “What does your name mean?” so that she may use it in a book someday. Not to mention you get to have a better understanding of yourself when you Google your own name.

She’s always looking for the page-turner, which becomes quite exciting for you.

The storyline will never have to end. She will write all the sequels that keep your love breathing. And just so that you remember all the things you love about her, she’ll make sure to include prequels too.

You’ll never have to worry about dementia, amnesia, or Alzheimer’s in your later life. She has already written out your story so that you may remember each other forever.

Buying gifts for her is oh-so-simple because she knows the incredible worth of a pen and paper.

She’ll write you emails because the laptop is her friend, but prefers to show you how she cares by painstakingly writing you pages upon pages of letters when you two are separated.

Date a girl who writes because she can take criticism and turn it into wit, disappointment into accomplishment, and sadness into laughter with the wave of her pen.

Sex is like a dirty, raunchy romantic novel you don’t dare read in public.

She will spend her life coming up with a thousand different ways to tell you how incredible you are as she is not fond of repetition. But the words she will wear out is “I love you,” because even she knows there is no better substitute for them in the history of writing.

Date a girl who writes because you will be her muse, her inspiration. Without you, she will have writer’s block. Or write the greatest tragedy since Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Either way, you are the man she will always write.

Everyday she fascinates you with a new genre. Today she is Romance, tomorrow Philosophy.

Date a girl who writes because when the cold winter of life traps you in old age, there will be somebody there to describe for you the summers in Paris, heat in Arabian nights, and tropical forests in South America so that you feel the warmth of adventure as if you were there. And so, in the twilight of your life, you will feel the touch of youth.

And finally, you must date a girl who writes because it is she who will allow you to live forever. With just her pen, she will make sure that you never grow old nor die nor fade, remembered for generations to come. A character in one of her stories, you will be given the gift of immortality.


Now, this one is a bit more interesting. From stopaskingthewrongquestions  :

Date a girl who writes.

Date a girl who may never wear completely clean clothes, because of coffee stains and ink spills. She’ll have many problems with her closet space, and her laptop is never boring because there are so many words, so many worlds that she’s cluttered amidst the space. Tabs open filled with obscure and popular music. Interesting factoids about Catherine the Great, and the immortality of jellyfish. Laugh it off when she tells you that she forgot to clean her room, that her clothes are lost among the binders so it’ll take her longer to get ready, that her shoes hidden under the mountain of broken Bic pens and the refurbished laptop that she’s saved for ever since she was twelve.

Kiss her under the lamppost, when it’s raining. Tell her your definition of love.

Find a girl who writes. You’ll know that she has a sense of humor, a sense of empathy and kindness, and that she will dream up worlds, universes for you. She’s the one with the faintest of shadows underneath her eyelids, the one who smells of coffee and Coca-cola and jasmine green tea. You see that girl hunched over a notebook. That’s the writer. With her fingers occasionally smudged with charcoal, with ink that will travel onto your hands when you interlock your fingers with her’s. She will never stop, churning out adventures, of traitors and heroes. Darkness and light. Fear and love. That’s the writer. She can never resist filling a blank page with words, whatever the color of the page is.

She’s the girl reading while waiting for her coffee and tea. She’s the quiet girl with her music turned up loud (or impossibly quiet), separating the two of you by an ocean of crescendos and decrescendos as she’s thinking of the perfect words. If you take a peek at her cup, the tea or coffee’s already cold. She’s already forgotten it.

Use a pick-up line with her if she doesn’t look too busy.

If she raises her head, offer to buy her another cup of coffee. Or of tea. She’ll repay you with stories. If she closes her laptop, give her your critique of Tolstoy, and your best theories of Hannibal and the Crossing. Tell her your characters, your dreams, and ask if she gotten through her first novel.

It is hard to date a girl who writes. But be patient with her. Give her books for her birthday, pretty notebooks for Christmas and for anniversaries, moleskins and bookmarks and many, many books. Give her the gift of words, for writers are talkative people, and they are verbose in their thanks. Let her know that you’re behind her every step of the way, for the lines between fiction and reality are fluid.

She’ll give you a chance.

Don’t lie to her. She’ll understand the syntax behind your words. She’ll be disappointed by your lies, but a girl who writes will understand. She’ll understand that sometimes even the greatest heroes fail, and that happy endings take time, both in fiction and reality. She’s realistic. A girl who writes isn’t impatient; she will understand your flaws. She will cherish them, because a girl who writes will understand plot. She’ll understand that endings happen for better or for worst.

A girl who writes will not expect perfection from you. Her narratives are rich, her characters are multifaceted because of interesting flaws. She’ll understand that a good book does not have perfect characters; villains and tragic flaws are the salt of books. She’ll understand trouble, because it spices up her story. No author wants an invincible hero; the girl who writes will understand that you are only human.

Be her compatriot, be her darling, her love, her dream, her world.

If you find a girl who writes, keep her close. If you find her at two AM, typing furiously, the neon gaze of the light illuminating her furrowed forehead, place a blanket gently on her so that she does not catch a chill. Make her a pot of tea, and sit with her. You may lose her to her world for a few moments, but she will come back to you, brimming with treasure. You will believe in her every single time, the two of you illuminated only by the computer screen, but invincible in the darkness.

She is your Shahrazad. When you are afraid of the dark, she will guide you, her words turning into lanterns, turning into lights and stars and candles that will guide you through your darkest times. She’ll be the one to save you.

She’ll whisk you away on a hot air balloon, and you will be smitten with her. She’s mischievous, frisky, yet she’s quiet and when she has to kill off a lovely character, when she cries, hold her and tell her that it will be alright.

You will propose to her. Maybe on a boat in the ocean, maybe in a little cottage in the Appalachian Mountains. Maybe in New York City. Maybe Chicago. Baltimore. Maybe outside her publisher’s office. Because she’s radiant, wherever she goes. Maybe even outside of a cinema where the two of you kiss in the rain. She’ll say that it is overused and clichéd, but the glint in her eyes will tell you that she appreciates it all the same.

You will smile hard as she talks a mile a second, and your heart will skip a beat when she holds your hand and she will write stories of your lives together. She’ll hold you close and whisper secrets into your ears. She’s lovely, remember that. She’s self made and she’s brilliant. Her names for the children might be terrible, but you’ll be okay with that. A girl who writes will tell your children fantastical stories.

Because that is the best part about a girl who writes. She has imagination and she has courage, and it will be enough. She’ll save you in the oceans of her dreams, and she’ll be your catharsis and your 11:11. She’ll be your firebird and she’ll be your knight, and she’ll become your world, in the curve of her smile, in the hazel of her eye the half-dimple on her face, the words that are pouring out of her, a torrent, a wave, a crescendo – so many sensations that you will be left breathless by a girl who writes.

Maybe she’s not the best at grammar, but that is okay.

Date a girl who writes because you deserve it. She’s witty, she’s empathetic, enigmatic at times and she’s lovely. She’s got the most colorful life. She may be living in NYC or she may be living in a small cottage. Date a girl who writes because a girl who writes reads.

A girl who writes will understand reality. She’ll be infuriating at times, and maybe sometimes you will hate her. Sometimes she will hate you too. But a girl who writes understands human nature, and she will understand that you are weak. She will not leave on the Midnight Train the first moment that things go sour. She will understand that real life isn’t like a story, because while she works in stories, she lives in reality.

Date a girl who writes.

Because there is nothing better then a girl who writes.


I will start my article with this,

Christopher Lao’s example of Cyberbullying:

That guy who was alleged to have HIV has proven himself to be negative from it. HE SHOWED PROOF through the medical test results. So the netizens let him live his life, and the society would look at him like a clean individual that he already is. And the netizen I believe would be wise enough to not put him in the spotlight any longer. Case closed. He is clean.

THE ONE WHO SHOULD be put to blame here is the source of that viral post. And doing such act is something that all of us netizens should avoid.

CHRISTOPHER LAO was “cyberbullied” because he was so arrogant, that he blamed the MMDA people of his stupidity, saying no one informed him that it was a deep section of the road that he was trying to traverse.

Unlike the “HIV” guy, he wasn’t absolved. HE did not show any proof that he was NOT STUPID. So in the eyes of the social media masses, he is still a stupid driver, to say the least. 🙂

Kidding aside, the case with Ms. AMALAYER is pretty much similar. We kid, we bully – because that is what we are. Hell, we even share hate posts against PNOY just for the heck of it. And why is that? Simply because a lot of people see him as someone who’s not doing his job properly. If there is such word like “street justice”, then that’s just what these netizens do. They try the accused based on how they see the case.

What I think what happened to Ms. Amalayer, is something a social bully like her also deserves. I am hearing a lot of noise about the attitude of the guards in LRT stations have (bear with me on this, because I really haven’t experienced riding in MRT or LRT, and get hassled by them).

I can’t help but think of whether Ms. Amalayer should be given the right to say abusive and humiliating words to that lady guard (whom I believe is only doing her job – and she really was good in composing herself), and be given justification that what Ms. Amalayer did to her should be tolerated.

Now, should the society tolerate such act? I personally don’t think so.

Given the benefit of the doubt to Ms. Amalayer, and let us just say that she was really given a hard time by the lady guard on that day – if you were a person not lesser than Ms. Amalayer, the best thing that you could have done is shut up, and ask any of their superior, or the LRT Station manager, and air out your concern. Well, you’ve been hassled anyway, why not take it up a notch and give them back the hassle the right way?

And don’t we people know the words “patience” and “courtesy”, especially when we are in a public place, let alone in a train station like that of the LRT and MRT? I am not sure about the facts behind the scene in the vid, but I have never been hassled by any guard from any MRT or LRT station. Some are saying that Ms. Amalayer was already running late, and she tried to bypass the xray inspection, that’s why she got stopped by the lady guard. What could’ve triggered her to go berserk over the lady guard? I bet she got embarrassed, that’s why she tried to “bring back the favor”. And that, I believe is just not the right thing to do.

It’s not the guards’ fault that that particular LRT station gets crammed up by people during rush hour. And I believe that it really is quite impossible for a lady guard to just pick up a random person in the queue, and give her a hard time for no reason. Ms. Amalayer brought this to herself.

Instead of people like Mr. Lao, and Ms. Amalayer trying to convince the netizens, that they were mere victims of cyberbullying, they should just admit their mistakes – that they were rude, and they were caught red handed while doing some rude act. And we haven’t even mentioned Carabuena in the story. Well, in fairness to him, he did a public apology, and he personally apologized to that MMDA enforcer. He wasn’t forgiven, but he still admitted his mistake.


A certain Adi Bontuyan posted this on his Facebook:


posted by Adi Bontuyan:

“To my friends and the beloved public, please read this.This #AMALAYER bullshit is being blown out of proportion. Reading the comments/tweets/insults makes me more sick that the video itself. We can do better than this.Is the Filipino social media identity a short-tempered angry mob rather than a pool of informed citizens? Are we supposed to expect to see shit like this every now and then? Wh
at’s next: TV show na may Suntukan segment against Claudine Barreto? I bet everyone would want that.

The video is simply a mirror to our (westernized) society (disregard the fact that I saw four BIG ASS Bench billboards of four Korean men/boys (idk) in EDSA-Guadalupe tanginang yan)

Think about it these few points.

1. She’s rude. SO-FUCKING-WHAT?!
Oh no! May bad manners siya. BIG DEAL.

She’s rude and annoying and dumb enough to do it in front of a camera. She’s just having a bad day like we all normally do. She doesn’t deserve all the cyberbullying and death threats. You simply don’t know how it feels.

I’m rude. You are rude. Filipino drivers ARE rude. People who violently push and curse their way inside the train are rude. Taxi drivers who pick their passengers are rude. Your governor is rude. Those who murdered of the FOI bill are fucking rude. The MMDA who just asked for a bribe is rude. Society who cyberbullied the fuck out of a law student who was “not informed” of the flood is rude as well as those who bombarded a bully of a Sotto critic with death threats.

Rude has become a norm for Filipinos. We have accepted it. Then suddenly, thanks to a video, we act as if we are all saints.

Condemning someone who can’t say “I’m a liar?” IS RUDE AND ARROGANT. So what kung kupal siya? Ngayon lang kayo nakakita ng kupal on video? Mas kupal yung mob behavior. Kitang kita ang Filipino humility, courtesy and tolerance sa posts niyo. Nakakatawa.

2. I read a comment “Kayo ang yayabang niyo, kala niyo naman gagaling niyo mag-ingles.” The reply goes “tara english tayo ano?! I’ll destroy you dipshit” (or something like that)

Is English the standard for intellect? Is the English language the barrier of classes?

The answer is this paraphrased comment: “OMG! My driver speaks better English than her! She has no right to boast anything!”

3. “I just hate how she acted like that” (quoted from a comment)
Like what exactly? Like the bratty blond Hollywood personalities that we have celebrated?

We have westernized the shit out of our society; don’t act surprise when we see the result.

4. What if:
Replace the guard with a male guard. Replace the girl with a foreign woman – lets say an attractive blonde woman shouting in her British accent.

Will it be viral? Yes. Who will get the sympathy? The woman was just “harassed by the guard”

But the guard probably wouldn’t even touch her because he/she would be friggin scared of the almighty westerners. All hail the whites!

You may now proceed on buying Lactacyd Intimate White™ and naming all movies in cheesy English phrases.

5. If this is “The Power of Social Media” according to some blogs/articles, then this means we are as trivial as our TV shows. If this is us being a public eye or a watch dog, then we have failed as a society. We try to move forward but we do things that will lag us. Tangina ang babaw kaya. Ganun na ba tayo na-brainwashed ng sensationalized local programming?

TL;DR – – I’D RATHER BE A RUDE, BITCHY, AND ARROGANT PERSON (who sometimes loses his cool in public) THAN A TRIVIAL-MINDED SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE WHO SHAMES, BULLIES AND EXPELS PEOPLE WITH LITTLE BASIS. (heard she got expelled from her school – some comments are DEMANDING her to be expelled – what offense? Why!? IDK probably “Not speaking proper english during a breakdown bringing shame to our humble institution” that’s why)

We are hypocrites and we are rude to our own nation.


So, should we tolerate stupid people like Mr. Lao and just have their way?  We didn’t even know at first that he was a lawyer.

Should we let pass what Ms. Amalayer did to that lady guard? We didn’t even know at first that she came from an exclusive school.

Should we, just shrug it off when we see incidents of road rage and violence, like what we saw from Mr. Carabuena? We didn’t even know at first whether the MMDA stopped him and charge him with wrong violations.

Should we just let it happen, that people like Raymart and Claudine just hit a  media practitioner like Mon Tulfo, just because they think they outnumber him, and when the Tulfo Brothers hit back on them through the mainstream media, they talk as if they are the once who get victimized by receiving grave threats?

We are not Cyberbullies.

We pride ourselves by being Cyber Vigilantes.

We’ve got our eyes on the bullies of the society.

So don’t cry and act as if you’re the victims. You brought these to yourselves. Live with it.

If you don’t want your social life ruined, then don’t do something stupid in public, because you just don’t know who’s caught in you in a vid.