Posted: October 8, 2012 in Random
Asking for a sign is a sign of weakness itself.
Probably, you already know what you want, but you still ask for a sign to whether or not you’re going to do it.
Probably, it is fear that holds you from having what you want – fear of taking risks; of your chances failing; of putting your efforts to waste. The presence of the sign serves as your encouragement; the lack of it also means the lack of courage on your part.
“Take the chance and do your best to have it. If it does not fall on your hands, it’s either it’s not meant for you, or it’s not yet the time for it to be yours. Either way, learn to set your limits because at the end of it all – you live, you learn, you move on.”
Come to think of it. Achieving a dream, getting that “YES” from a girl you love the most, acing an exam, no matter how small or big it is – victory is always sweeter when you fought and worked hard for it.
The sign though, is different from opportunity – though they can intertwine, and most of the time they are mistaken for the other.
“What if the absence of the sign, is a sign?”

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