Say, How About a Test Run?

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Cryptics

What if you were shown two similar products by a salesman? But he shows the first one first, and you were convinced and would want to buy it.

And then he shows you the second one, which pretty much has the same stuff that you were looking for. Both of them have their good and bad sides, neither of them you want to let go. But must have to buy only one – it is against the law to possess two at the same time.

To add more to the twist, the salesman tells you these:

– both have no guarantee of working in favor of you, and you understood before you checked the items that it will depend on how compatible your system is with the product;

– no return, no exchange, and since you’ve got no guarantees of it working, you kill yourself thinking of which to buy;

– these two products are the last pieces of each other and – they are in demand in the market, and lots of buyers are interested.

But the salesman for some reason offers you both. You alone, at this very moment. The next time you come back to his shop,  other people would’ve bought those two products already.

And yeah. No test run.

Crash Test Dummy – takes all the pain that you can’t since 1949.


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