Posted: July 14, 2012 in Random

Plain and simple, daydreaming as it is… my wandering thoughts… while at work. LOL! My bosses are going to send me to hell for this! 😀

I am right now, thinking of / wanting to: 

Jam with a band, or just a group of people who know how to play music, and share with each other our appreciation to the craft. I can learn whatever genre to play, just give me time. All I am after is a group to play with, because I am getting tired of playing it alone. And I am missing that feeling again, of getting in synch, you and your bandmates seem to enter a trance. That amazing moment that only playing music can bring.

“So here I am, growing older all the time
Looking older all the time
Feeling younger in my mind.”
– Superman, Goldfinger

Meet people who share the same interests; writing, music, thinking about how great life is, that only a few can understand, those who are in the same wavelength as I am. Endless talks about philosophy, politics, nature, History, the World, WWE, NBA, Boxing, Video games, movies, or whatever. Is it possible to meet another soul mate? You can have more than one, right?

Get to know people from the provinces and live the life they are living there, once again (yes, I had the chance to live a ala probinsyano when I was young, and I’m kinda missing that now). – getting immersed.

Or better yet, this one. I happen to remember this idea just now, but it has been a wonder for me how it feels like, and what virtues and/or lesson you can learn from it – voluntarily getting inside a prison. I would like to request for a special “pass” or whatever it is that’s required by the BJMP, and have my stay there documented. They would let me experience the daily life of a prisoner, as if I am one of them. And I would have a handicam or anything to record  whatever happens inside. I would enjoy and suffer at the same time being inside the penitentiary, sleep behind bars with all of them – so long as they can’t hurt me physically, and my safety is guaranteed before I enter. And then get to know a few good souls inside. That’d be so fun, I think.

Enjoy nature. Enjoy the simple life. I used to be called “Science Man” in college, because of my deeper fascination in the natural world considering I was a member of a Social Science course. We once went to Iba, Zambales, me with a group of males belonging to the Political Science Department; and a group of females from the Industrial Psychology Department. We went to this body of water for a swim, a little smaller for a river, a bit bigger to be called a stream. While they were having a great time in the waters, arranging the rocks to form their artificial dam, or pool, I was somewhere wandering, going after this ‘tutibing karayom’, a prettier species of a dragonfly. And I had not seen one so big since I left Bicol. I sometimes wonder if it’s just me who has a lot of interest in life’s wonders like this, or are they just that not so much into appreciating them? I say, they are really missing a lot.

I love to enjoy the perks of the rural life and experience again that simple kind of living. A group of native folks would show what legit Pinoy hospitality is like – cooking their best native foods, giving you their most comfortable section of the house for you to rest, while they would settle with the not so good part, say, a room without an electric fan, while you’re at their abode. Being a Manileno, I experienced how it’s like to be treated in a special way whenever I visit the provinces.

I have also experienced living in a rural community. I learned to speak in the local tongue. Up to now, I can still remember and understand some Bicolano words, although each town in Bicol have their own unique versions of the dialect. However, I think I no longer am able to speak Oasnon, but if ever I get the chance to go there, I think I could use some refresher course of the dialect.

I spent my early gradeschool years in Albay. I went to an elementary school, where your schoolmates would only wear slippers, and they could attend classes even if they are not wearing uniform. We would have gardening as part of our T.H.E. subject. And I knew what it feels like to harvest your own produce! It was fun! All the ‘talbos ng kamote’ and ‘mustasa’ were free from insecticides. And we would take them home, to be cooked. We would fish, feed the chickens and their chicks. We would make firewood. Alam ko kung paano sumibak ng panggatong. 🙂

Also, since I came from Manila, the kids back then who are in the same age as I was, would battle over whose group I am going to be walking home with from school, like you were some kind of a celebrity. I have significantly a much fairer skin compared to most of my friends, and I think it’s just human nature that was working during those moments, the locals paying so much interest to the new kid in town. They would make a tug-of-war out of my small frame, as if it would make their day to walk home with me. And most of the time, we would just end up walking home taking the same route, as one big group. I was also an honor student then, and people from your barrio would look at you in a very different way. It’s like you make them feel they want to be like you.You become their benchmark, and their parents would always encourage their kids to be like their Manileno classmate. There were also times that I got bullied by bigger guys every start of each school year, but what I lacked in size I made up by excelling academically. And kids actually would respect you for that, if they know that you’ve got what it takes. And then they befriend you. I guess that’s where my being a narcissist originated from. I am not denying it. In fact, narcissism is so evident in this section of my entry. Oh, well. 🙂


The last time I got near that experience was with my Eastwood pals in our Cagbalete Island adventure, just across Nauban, Quezon, September last year. It was in a resort owned by one of our clients. We spent three days, two nights of appreciation of nature. The beach was like no other. White sand, low tide, crystal clear waters. No electricity which actually added to the excitement. All we had was that 24-hour ember from a bonfire which we managed to get bigger by feeding it with logs, and not just simple twigs and branches. We were like the Survivor participants, minus the vanity and competition, and scarcity of food. It was good… even though Dougal, that beach mongrel stole our three huge pieces of inihaw na pusit when we accidentally left it on the dining table unattended before going to sleep. And yes we slept by the seashore, the katre’s made of bamboo and local lumber was our bed, with the calming waves singing us a lullaby, and the dim lit bonfire added to one of the most tranquil, the most serene and the most awesome ambiance of the place.

“The death-bed of a day, how beautiful!”
– Festus, Philip James Bailey

Here’s a photo of me without my eyeglasses on. Well, Quezon Province, my pair of spectacles is such a small price for the adventure that I had! 😀

In exchange, the seas of Quezon claimed for a souvenir my spectacles, my white Spoofs “Twoilet” shirt, and my manly pride for not knowing how to swim, when the surprisingly calm waters overturned our mini bangka that we borrowed from the local fisher folks. We ended up paying them for the catch that was lost for that day when the bangka went downside up. It was like the sea goddess of Nauban played a little prank on us. Well, it was a good bargain for what the island has offered us. 🙂

Join a force that cultivates peace, people empowerment, anything for the good. I’ve done some ‘kawang gawa’ in the past and I think I got addicted to it. But I never want to belong to any radical activist group. I’d like to have Kara’s job (I so envy her!), but I fear that too much curiosity with the people from that profession, of being a rebel for a cause, would cause me to have my thoughts inclined to the ‘dark side’ so to speak.

Be a Tourist Guide. I am a Carlos Celdran fan. Well, at least his job. I used to fantasize about me guiding the tourists of Intramuros and Fort Bonifacio, while I share with them the stories behind the history of the place. I am a Rizal fan, and for some reason, I only want to be a tourist guide for Fort Santiago, Intramuros, and Luneta. Sure, I would like to be a tourist guide all over the country, but if given a chance to choose, I’d choose the places that I’ve mentioned.

“I am tired as a dog, but I will sleep as a god.”
– Jose P. Rizal

Become a Documentary Journalist. The likes of Andrew Zimmern of Bizaare Foods, or Kat De Castro in her ABS-CBN travel show, or GMA 7’s Jay Taruc, Kara David, Jiggy Manicad.  Everything I have mentioned here, and whatever it is that I am going to experience, I would be able to share to the public. I work while I am having fun.  I actually have a lot of idea in mind, that I have not seen from these guys.


Well, this ain’t my bucketlist yet. I think I can accomplish these. I’ll be dedicating another article for my bucket list soon.

And I hope you had fun reading about my wandering thoughts. I’d love to hear about yours, too. 🙂

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