Posted: July 10, 2012 in Confessions, Random

I just wrote about LeBron James being crowned the King, for winning his first ever NBA Championship…

… and now I will write about a King’s passing. Only a few minutes have passed after all the major local TV channels showed their respect through breaking news, impromptu documentaries (obviously they have already anticipated of this, weeks back), and the monstrosity of posts flooding our Facebook walls, and Twitter. The news spread out as a false alarm at first – with news from different sources saying that Eric Quizon held a presscon to deny the news of Dolphy’s death in the social network sites. And then, came the breaking news at exactly 8:40 pm.

The feeling’s quite indescribable. I spent my childhood watching the Home Along Da Riles series which depicted the real image of an ordinary, average Pinoy family, every Wednesdays for more than a decade. And the first ever movie of him that I saw was the Espadang Patpat (1990), if my memory serves me right, started the trail of more Dolphy movies – all funny as hell, no matter how corny, each movie hit the¬†ticklish¬†funny bones of each Pinoy. And I am only one of the millions.

He stood as a hope for the masses. His humor is very well gotten and appreciated by every Pinoy from different classes, but more from the poorer side of the fence, as what the old ones saw in John and Marsha. His comedy is no expensive at all, that is why his name and works, and laughter have all the special places in our hearts.

As I was checking on the updates in Facebook about Dolphy, I could not help but comment on a friend’s post and I said “hindi ako nahihiyang amining fan ako ni Dolphy.” And a proud fan I am, indeed, and never am ashamed about it.

He never sought for power. Never run for any government office – but he was a force whenever he showed his support to any particular candidate. His words were so funny without setting aside the sincerity when he delivered his eulogy to the Late Action King FPJ. He didn’t even ask to be awarded ¬†as a National Artist (the case of whether he should be given that award is still pending, due to the fact that he supported Manny Villar’s presidential campaign, and whatever the implications of that were, impeded the awarding of the¬†National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) the title of National Artist to the Comedy King).

His smile is enough to turn one’s day around. There may be times that I think of him corny, but I still find myself glued to the idiot box and stop my channel surfing once I start to pay attention ¬†on a Dolphy movie instead as it is being played on Studio 23, or on some local movie cable channel. Not only in the field of comedy did he show his greatness. He also starred as Walter Dempster Jr./Walterina Markova, and showed us a different side of Dolphy. Something far from his comic image.

Only a few Filipino showbiz icons share that same glory and place in each Pinoys heart. The likes of Fernando Poe, Jr., Francis Magalona, Rico Yan. The entire country stopped upon having heard of the sad news of the passing of each icon. As proof, here I am now, still writing about him, though stunned by the news.

It’s indeed an honor, to have lived in an era where all of these icons existed. And even though I was only able to appreciate the last decades of the Comedy King, I am still very thankful.


For providing me laughter in my more than two decades here on earth. For giving generations of Filipinos smiles on their faces.

For being the hope for the country – keeping our smiles in the middle of the hardships in life of the Masang Pinoy.

For paving the way for all the other artists.

For leaving us a legacy.  And I am sure, a lot of artists will try to follow his path, but there will never be another Comedy King.

To the Quizon family of celebrities, of different faces, of different fields of expertise.

Let’s raise our glass of Banayad Whiskey, and hail the farewell toast to the one and only Comedy King.

Salamat, Tatay Kevin. Salamat, Dolphy.

“Pindutin nyo lamang ang play at sigurado kayong tayo’y makakasamang magchi-chikahan, magchochorvahan, tayong lahat! ehehehehe (with matching the patented Dolphy laugh)”
– Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr., OGH,
(July 25, 1928 ‚Äď July 10, 2012)

Two days after, and I have heard a lot of good stuff about the man in eulogies for him and some interviews and news features. I realized, all my life I never really had a father figure. To be honest, I wasn’t able to enjoy life that much as others were with their dads by their side.¬†¬†Oh, I am telling now, don’t ask about me and my dad unless ¬†you’re ready with an overnight bag, bottles of alcohol, and a pair of friendly ears to listen with.

Dolphy made me miss my old man. Dolphy made me miss that childhood years when I used to talk to Dad, without any angst inside me. And… I’ll stop talking about my dad right there.


PS: If I died unexpectedly. I would like to leave a few instructions to the lady who inspired me to do this WP. I know you can read this, and if my fateful day comes, I know that you will go back to reading this blog. Nobody else reads this but a selected few. Please let them know about this blog. Let Lyne (There’s this one person by that name, she’ll know that it’s her I am talking about if he reads this) tell everyone what he knows about me, who I am and who I could’ve been; and may she look after Mom. – a mental note I never want to pass by.


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