That moment…

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Random

You know that moment…

… when you previously had what you thought was the most complicated problem, that it turned your whole perspective around, and after some weeks of contemplating, you realize that it really shouldn’t have been a problem after all? Still, you are thankful to have experienced it. Take it as another lesson learned out of stupidity – and then just laugh it out to oblivion.

– … when people started to think bad about you – your actions, your words, even your thoughts about them, whether or not it’s proven to be true, they think it’s a normal thing for you, but in reality it really¬†isn’t’, and then one of them has succeeded to approach you to discuss whatever it is that makes them think wrong about you, and both of you tried to deal with it and resolve it in a very mature manner?

It’s quite amazing… God takes away something you enjoy, temporarily, and makes you realize that losing it would mean a lot of loss on your part. He makes you realize that there are really good things that happen in life, brought about by the good people in your life, and that all of these need to ¬† be treated properly so that you won’t lose them. And then, when you know in yourself that you’ve already learned that lesson – that’s when He’s going to give it back – might not be the exact thing that HE took, might be something similar, a bit altered, but, hell who cares.

July appears to be giving me a great head start after all, apart from that unexpected (well, not really – you’d really be sanctioned for your procrastinating) three-day unpaid break from your boss.

You live, you learn, and then you move on…


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