I Lived the PUNKS NOT DEAD! Kind of Life! \m/,

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Confessions

I was on my way home when I saw this: Kuntodo sa studded punk armbands, necklace, sleeveless denim top with skull and bones, tight black pants, combined with the old school chucks…mga five-inch high yung mohawk nya na parang ginamitan ng isang dosenang puti ng itlog para tumayo…Tapos akbay akbay sya nung mga punkinitos(kids wearing the same punk stuff) na  followers  nya.

It reminded me of the days… when we would join underground/garahe gigs with people like him in the scene… I remember being on the same bus en route to a gig, with one of the members of Philippine Violators, and the senior musicians (whom I am no longer familiar of) would talk with him in admiration. Dadayo sa mosh pits kahit kasing layo ng Taytay Rizal, Slam-an sa tulay sa may Nagtahan – all that just for the love of the music. I realized I was living a punk’s life, kahit saglit lang… Too bad smart phones weren’t a thing yet during those years. >:)

It made me realize how great the punk scene really was in the country, and it was even more prominent back in the day. I remember seeing a band member prepping for their same gig in Nagtahan. He grew his hair like down to his shoulders – ONLY to cut it mohawk style for a gig like this. He shaved all his hair from the side of his head. And then he prepared this special kind of gel with all the stuff to make his hair stand – including egg whites and spray net! And his hair did stand like six to ten inches from his scalp!

Back in college, I was in this group of people who just love to play music as a band. And we would regularly jam in a music rehearsal studio. We would save a portion of our allowance for studio fees to rehearse. There were a few times when we got invited to play in gigs, but that was all. We were nothing more but a band of brothers with the same passion.

The first time I felt the hype, was on a gig in Taytay. There was this guy from a well-off family, whose parents are working abroad, and he wanted to celebrate his birthday by having this gig in their garage. So, he invited all the underground amateur bands that he knew, including us. I could not count how many performers there were but we were like a hundred in the venue. With alcohol and an atmosphere for merry-making, you just could not absorb everything that’s happening around.

A guy like me would never forget that moment. Imagine this, when everyone would sing their lungs out with your band, their heads banging, with glasses and bottles of alcohol in their hands. And there was you, a clueless bass player, a first timer for a gig, oblivious to the euphoria they were having, standing like an idiot up there on the stage, trying to focus on the chords you were playing. You wouldn’t know what to do with all of that craziness that’s happening at that moment. And then a guy from the audience would grab your vocalist’s mic and sing the chorus with him.  Mukha kang tanga kasi hindi ka maka-ugapay sa dami ng nangyayari…pero ramdam mo yung adrenaline rush! THAT RUSH, pare! Yung feeling na napapasayaw mo yung mga jammers sa tugtog nyo. This was the song that we were playing when we got caught up in that crazy ride:

Anything – Goldfinger

“Guitar is for the head, drums are for the chest, but bass gets you in the groin” — Suzi Quatro

And then when you band’s done performing, you sit down and get to one of those tables on the side and joint the others to drink. And when the next band plays the chorus part… that’s when the slam pit starts and the place just goes nuts again! A random guy grabbed me by the neck, and pulled me up to join into the pit… It was like being in the middle of a rodeo show. Di mo alam kung saan nanggagaling yung bumabangga sayo. At nakasalamin pa ako noon. So, there’s nothing left for you to do but to go with the flow – maki-talon ka na rin, maki-banggaan hanggang sa mapunta sa ulit sa gilid, at saka ka na lalabas doon sa circle at magpapahinga. Pero magtatagal yun hanggang matapos yung part ng kanta na wala na yung hype. Tapos, kapag may natumba sa pit, bibitbitin nila sa paa, at sa balikat, tapos itatapon sa damuhan sa kabilang lote nung bahay para mahimasmasan.

Man, that small circle of underground performers were living their dreams that night. We felt like we were the best punk rock artists in the world. We were gods – at least that’s what we were able to make ourselves believe in. There was fun, in the middle of the chaos. Kung ngayon ko sya naranasan, ngayong mas maganda na ang appreciation ko sa music, that would’ve been a more unforgettable experience. Still, I am thankful to have experienced that. Jesus, real musicians would understand this feeling.

Did I fail to mention that I was a nerdy type for a bandmate and I rarely dress or act like a punk rock musician? I don’t even skate, but thanks to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game, punk rock found its way from my veins, to my fingers as I tap and slap that bass guitar! 🙂

PS: (I was bullshitting about the bass slapping, I haven’t figured that out quite yet!LOL, \m/, )

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