Of Milk and Honey

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Rhymes

Bewitched like that of a siren’s,

Enchanted by your childlike soul

With that bliss you made me feel with your innocence,

In my conscience you dug a hole


My affections for you are now debunked

As this reputation well fought for flunked

Never again will I be able to be

Right there beside you, with your cup of tea?


No chance for me to be your milk and honey?

I don’t have much money, but I would bet my entire life’s

That is if I died on Tuesday, and I won’t even ask you to be my wife

But I would beg just to have a moment, you and me, and your cup of tea

  1. Jec says:

    This! as if I have foreseen what’s coming…

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