Eastwood : that 5-month long exploration to that side of life I never imagined existed

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Confessions, Random

Eastwood City. I spent the five most memorable months with her – as a professional, as a gimikero, as a musician, a part of the barkada, a boss (at least that’s how I looked at myself).

I decided then to write down some of the memorable moments of my stay in there. I managed to remember a few. And I plan to add more whenever I get the chance.

The Secret. The Game. The 48 Laws. That Undas’ eve night out. All the firsts. A glimpse of what I can attain. The Sale. Selling your soul to the devil – almost. Meeting and seeing that other face of that Being above. The moment when the seas of Quezon took my shirt and spectacles as remembrance. Nothing else would top that. No job in this world will have all of those in one spot, in one span of time. A microcosm of the future in one 18-hectare universe. 

Trivia: In all projects of Megaworld Corporation, the mother company of Eastwood City, they always have that clock tower as a landmark. I saw one in Newport City, and I have yet to see again the one in McKinley.

“God told us to pray to for what we want. He didn’t say work hard, get hurt, and then you get what you want. You can stay still, and wait. Watch me sell two units in a week just by staying in this same spot.”

— And so the fucker sold two after three days. Talking about thinking positive.


“Learn to move on. Everytime. It’s your best weapon against frustration and disappointment. If a client you managed to bring into the showroom declines to buy, go find another. Don’t linger on it.”

— Boss Ace indeed stayed true to his words. I should, too


I was with Jap, while strolling around the Citywalk one night. Currently ongoing was a free concert sponsored by Antonov, and it was Tanya Markova playing on the stage. We have just finished talking about how the universe could conspire with your dreams, and connive with your ideas. Thoughts that have made us survive in our stay in the real estate world. One has got to think positive every second, minute, hour of every day.

Jap: ang galing ng Tanya pala ano?

Jec: Oo, enjoy pala panoorin ang mga hayop. Sana lang may mag-aya sa atin ng shot.

Jap: Kung naniniwala ka na may mag-aalok sa atin ng alak. Maniwala ka lang. Let’s stand right here, in the middle of Citywalk. May dadating na lang na baso sa atin.

Jec: Tama! The universe conspires with us!

Exactly five seconds after we had that little chitchat… a wild Antonov promogirl appears in front of us, holding a tray of Antonov shots on one hand, and a half-filled Antonov bottle on the other.

Antonov Girl: Hi, Sirs… here’s a free shot of Antonov. Enjoy! (and she still went back to give us another round!)

Jap & Jec: (us staring at each other, Antonov Girl looks puzzled) Dafuq did just happen?

–I guess our theory is true, after all.


This part I wrote for my 2011 Year-Ender entry for my facebook notes:

During my stay there, there were these few individuals who exposed me to a world where no ordinary person would have had the opportunity to explore – and for that, I am very thankful. From a manager who is two years younger than I am, (and did I mention that was the first time I’ve been handled by anyone younger than I am? Mind you, he is one of the best managers that I have had the opportunity to work with) the one who’s responsible for making me experience the thrill of playing PS3 for the first time, up to those two good pals in our team, who were like brothers to me already, made my stay in my previous job worthwhile.  The beer and alcohol sessions only the three of us knew, and the talks about life and how our hardships made us stronger and more ready to face whatever life throws at us. Those served as the aspirin to that stress-induced head and body aches we experienced while trying our best to gather as much clients as we could each and every day, on a regular basis. Not to mention the boys’ night outs. Definitely that was a lot of firsts in a short span of time. It makes me smile every time the thoughts of those cross my mind.
To add, I will never forget the lessons from Neil Strauss’ book, The Game. I have had the privilege to share that concept with a few close individuals. I have yet to try to apply it in real life, but it sure made me more ready to face anything like a real player that I should be.  It catapulted my self-confidence to heights unimaginable, however. And yes, I’ve had my share of embarrassments because of it just the same.
And meeting a guy named Earl, that unique individual, whom I have had the privilege to have a taste of his philosophy in life. He sort of opened up a new dimension for my understanding of what life means. Even though his idealisms were hard for me to initially understand, I have kept my notes intact, and made myself sure that the universe really conspires with my plans in life – that I will be able to achieve whatever I am destined to do because I am destined to do it. I religiously attempted to live by that philosophy, however short-lived that attempt was.

It totally pushed me beyond my limits. And I believe no kind of work is going to do that to me again in a while. I quit because I wasn’t ready. If I’d be given the chance to be back – I will in a heartbeat.

We, The Sales People

You always see us in strategic places where there are lots of potential clients: in malls, free parks, car parks, even in main roads, makeshift booths – so long as there are qualified people whom they can give out their fliers to. Name it, they are in it – or have been in it.

If you happen to be approached by a Property Specialist, be handed to you the flier and be given a brief explanation, or that catch phrase to get your attention, be flattered instead of annoyed. It means that they have you qualified as a potential client – capable of buying a condo unit. And yes, they do know how to qualify. They don’t discriminate, nor do they give out fliers indiscriminately like how the Japs dropped their bombs during WWII.

They know how to pick, as they know how to not waste their time from nonsense sales talk. If they come to you, chances are, it’s either you are the one looking for a condo to buy, or they find you qualified to buy from them. And man, these people, can talk you to buying a condo. I won’t be disclosing the trade secrets here, but most of the time, these impulsive buyers tell these sales people after paying the down payment, or more popularly known as the reservation fee, would always joke by saying “Parang na-holdap ako doon ah!”

  1. Moon says:

    nice meeting you here…those were the days, the moments we’ll forever cherish..and oh, the tug-of-war between the philosophy of “Law of Attraction” and “Destiny”. There are indeed a lot to learn from this job, ay! 🙂

  2. Jec says:

    It’s not just about the sales you make. It’s about how the city changed your life. It’s good to know that I am not the other one who thinks like this and writes about how good the experience is. 🙂
    You wrote a great article about our city (let’s claim it!LOL). 🙂

    My work place is still at Eastwood City, though I work there now as a call center agent. If you happen to have the chance to drop by, let me know! 🙂

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