Why, Oh why?

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Random

There are times that I just want to disappear.

It was only recently, that i craved for my own happiness. Selfishly I did. I thought it was all that simple, that life would grant me that little wish, as i have done so much for others’ happiness – and have put aside the search for my own. I told myself, “hey, it’s been a while. Maybe it’s ok to ask for it.”

And now that I’m somewhat trying to claim what I think I am deserving to have, why is it that life seems to be turning its back on me? Seriously, man.

You see, never have I asked for anything. You have given me everything that I needed. And this is like the only time, I am requesting you to grant me that peace, that serenity in me. That happiness. That’s when you make me feel for myself that I don’t deserve them. Every single fucking time.

It just sucks. You do good, nobody remembers. No do something bad, not necessarily evil, nobody seems to forget.

Everyone seems to care, yet they all turn their backs. I can’t help but do the same.

This is not about that girl. My life revolves around a lot. And she has only entered the scene in like what, less than a month?


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