Paikut-ikutin Ma’y Iyon Pa Rin ang Uulitin

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Rhymes

Posted in Facebook Notes @ Wednesday, 23 February 2011 at 10:16.

I did this one with a little twist. I wrote the second stanza using the same set of words I used in the first, but did a little tweaking on each line, so that the two stanzas are going to have sort of two different meanings. 🙂


Anong napala? Saan? Wala.

Puso mo’y nakatulala.

Hindi ka pa nadala.

Paulit ulit ulit

Nangungulit. Nais kumupit

Kaunting kaligayahan lamang

Ang aking sambit sa langit.

Hindi pa ma’t di na pinagbigyan

Oo na sana’y kanya pang inayawan

Hindi pa man at heto ka na naman.

Kanya pang inayawan. Oo, nasanay.

Ngayon naman di na pinagbigyan

Sa langit ang aking sambit lamang

Nais kumupit, kaunting kaligayahan

Nangungulit? Ulit(in) ulit? Paulit!

Hindi ka pa nadala.

Puso mo’y nakatulala. Saan?

Wala. Anong Napala?


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