Posted: May 31, 2012 in Rhymes

My, oh my. I wrote this one in October 2010. It’s been more than a year! And it only tells how long I haven’t been in a serious relationship. It’s not that I haven’t gotten a touch from the opposite sex, I tell you, I have got a lot! Some of which I never really intended to happen; some I enjoyed, and some… for lack of a better phrase “taught me a lesson.”

Anyhoo, here’s my crude, desperate attempt to emulate John Mayer with his “Love Song for No One”. I used to tell my friends, John Mayer must have experienced the same ‘slack’ to be able to write a song as great as that. Seriously, is there any song of the same theme, that went up the charts like his? In any song era? By any artist? I might be patronizing Mayer too much, but hell, it’s that song that hit me right in the kisser.

**No music yet, just the words. Any one who’s kind enough to help me out to plot the music for this one would certainly be appreciated.  🙂

I woke up with that familiar ache in my head

My vision’s blurred, I’m being swallowed by my bed

Too many full moons I’ve let pass, too many kisses i have missed.

That longing that I harbor inside still exists.


But to whom shall I offer to share with my bliss?

That love bug no longer itches, though the biting it can’t resist

I am not good at writing sweet love songs

So if anyone could hear this


Could you see me please, give me what i’ve missed.

We can be like two strangers bound by fate to meet.

Maybe we could start to lead our hearts

And give both of them a brand new start.


I am missing that familiar throb in my heart

I need to fill in those empty spaces of where someone used to be a part

But too many full moons I’ve let pass, too many chances I have wasted

Now with that familiar ache, I let myself be swallowed by my bed.


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