You are amazing. Just a simple midnight chat with you, no matter how insensible – is just so meaningful.   Because it was you I was having the chat with. Everything else doesn’t seem to matter in that short span of time.

And what’s more amazing is this. I have loosened up on myself, that I am now able to talk to you in the most casual way, as how you were and have always been towards me. A feat I have struggled to make perfect until recently.

And this thing seems to work. I guess, turning my back on the thought of wanting you helps a lot more than staying as the same old me who used to admire someone like you. I have to thank Style (yes, that’s a person’s name) for helping me keep my head above the water of your sea of attraction. I guess I need to do that more frequently.

If only I could do the same with her right now..

The night ended, so did the chat. It was like me being offered to chug a mug of ice cold beer after a very stressful day – I know that it would definitely ease me down by drowning my stress away – yet I think of declining, fearing the hangover it could bring the morning after. But I am considering chugging it anyway. Lemme think. – End of night chat.

The pen is more sane than my brain.

Doing it in a very cryptic manner to make it more obvious.

  1. […] a good friend, and we kind of get in touch from time to time, the last time actually was very casual, that I felt so comfortable talking to her that way. To sum it up, this one is too verbose, all […]

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